Perhaps you’ve had enough of this Pandemic. Maybe you are about to close your business or maybe you have been retrenched or you are not getting paid.


Or maybe you are thriving because you have seen an opportunity. The fact remains. The world has been through much worse and it has survived and also thrived.


Some epidemic facts:

    • About 5,000 years ago, an epidemic wiped out a prehistoric village in China.
    • Around 430 B.C. an epidemic ravaged the people of Athens and lasted for five years (estimated death 100 000).
    •  The Antonine Plague, which may have been smallpox killed about 5 million people in the Roman empire
    • The Black Death traveled from Asia to Europe and wiped out about half of Europe’s population.
    • An estimated 500 million people from the South Seas to the North Pole fell victim to Spanish Flu. One-fifth of those died.
    • Having said that, the brain is a future predicting machine. Uncertainty, like this epidemic that we are currently facing, eats away at seeing the future in a positive light. Unless you apply the 20% more principle.


The 20% more principle is based on this. Once you have had enough and you really cannot go any more, you can still go another 20%. This depends on what is going on in your mind right now.


If you are thinking negativity, that’s what you will produce, negativity. If you are thinking positively about the future, fear of the future diminishes (it has been tested neuroscientifically). Still, even in the midst of negative thinking, you can go another 20%.


So maybe it is time to refocus your mind (and energy) on how 20% of what you do will generate 80% of your results (the Pareto Effect).


Don’t overthink it. You can still go another 20%!


Credit: W.F Nell


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