Innovation is a mindset, not a R&D budget. The key is in the type of people who join your organisation.

Innovation is also a strategic orientation that should be adopted in your organisation.

Studies show that around 65% of business leaders today still lack the confidence to stimulate innovative thinking. And… innovation has been proven to be a growth strategy.

Adopting an innovative strategy starts with the type of mindset you adopt as a leader and whether you would allow others who are better innovators to lead the way.

Smaller organisations are nimble and can therefore implement innovative ideas quicker. If you are not an innovative thinker, start employing people who are. Think about one new idea that you would implement every month in your organisation that would IMPACT THE GROWTH of your organisation. That’s 12 per annum..

Think about this:

  1. Set time aside EVERY WEEK for thinking about innovative ideas
  2. Innovative organisation have think-tanks
  3. If you are not an innovator ask someone to lead this for you

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