Why does your team need to know about neuroscience?

We are wired to connect. Understanding neuroscience and how the knowledge of neuroscience can benefit your team, gives you a competitive advantage.

A lot of how we connect with others has been lost through online mediums. Our ability to read others, building trust, establishing connections etc. Each one of us has incredible brainpower to connect. We also have power to distance ourselves from our work colleagues. As managers, if we don’t pay attention to that, we lose productivity.

Reading an article about neuroscience is good, but completing an entire workshop for your team on neuroscience builds empathy, connectivity and team cohesion at a completely different level. How we build and manage teams from a neuroscientific perspective teaches us about approach and avoid states. Our teams need, (they don’t ask for it), more frequent and in-depth interactions.

Below is a typical brain map of someone who has high levels of anxiety (see where the arrow points). This is not healthy, but it can be corrected. If it is left for too long, the individual needs therapy. We believe that a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety in teams can be corrected through understand neuroscience and using it to their advantage. Long before it reaches this stage.

We have to acknowledge that the new way of working has brought about stressors that has increased the stress and anxiety levels on our team members. Understanding the actual reasons for it helps employers to put corrective measures in place and build productive teams.

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