Mindfulness is a self-regulation practice that focuses on training attention and awareness. It is about brining mental processes under greater control.

Over the years we have seen an increase in the demand for mindfulness training. Just like emotional intelligence and coaching had become very popular in organisations, mindfulness has almost become the new buzzword.

When you look at mindfulness from a neuroscientific perspective, it brings a fresh, yet super dynamic perspective to managing self and others in the workplace.

You learn how the release of neurotransmitters and regulate component bands. You learn how cognitive clarities and cognitive distortions work. It becomes clearer how you understand mindfulness and apply it, knowing how the brain works.

Mindfulness teaches us to create non-judgemental awareness of the present moment.

Why do organisations favour it so much? It helps employees manage stress, and develop capacity such as calmness, clarity and concentration.

See the feedback from participants who have done our course.

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Mindfulness is a very powerful practice.

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