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Strategists see what others don't see. Not everyone is a strategist.
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Neuroscientists have discovered that oxytocin is related to socials behaviours like attachment, trust, and empathy.

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Neurofeedback changed my life. It changed how i look at life and how i deal with issues in my life. I give it a 10/1... Read More

14, Jan 2021

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'Most valuable experience. The power of the brain dictating how we react was most informative. The practical activiti... Read More

16, Feb 2017

"Keep up the good work. What I enjoyed most was the interaction and realising that your problems are not unique to yo... Read More

16, Feb 2017
"I was recently introduced to Neurofeedback by Dr Charlene Nel, who is currently treating our 15 year old grandson wh... Read More
16, Feb 2017