It is time to step-up…

A lot has happened recently in the global marketplace. Many organisations closed their doors for good, and others really felt the pain in bouncing back. Yet a lot saw the opportunity to grow massively.

Look around you in the marketplace. There are still many opportunities. There is a lot to be grateful for, and no matter how you look at this, it is time to step up. 

You step up when you have a foundation. And because the landscape has changed significantly, and your foundation is no longer as solid as it should be, you first need to change your mindset. 

A “step-up” mindset is not the same as a “giving-up” mindset – we know that. A step-up mindset can do great things. The brain responds to what the mind tells it. That is why it is so important to think positively. The brain is mass, waiting for instruction from the mind. It releases neurotransmitters and hormones in response to what you tell it. If you think there is no way out, those thoughts will be converted into a physical reaction and it will put your body into stress. And so your body releases cortisol in response to that stress. If you think positive thoughts (no matter how uncertain the future looks), set goals, and achieve those goals, the brain releases dopamine. That’s how God created you. The brain needs instruction from the mind. 

And so does your organisation. It is waiting for instruction from you. It is time to step up and connect with your clients. Many of your clients were also affected by the recent global events. Many might be in the same situation as you. You also need to find new clients. The clients that you had previously might not be the same clients that will help your company to grow into the future. It is also time to develop and sell new products. And find new channels to sell them into. You know the world of work has changed. And now you too must change. 

It is time to step up and with perseverance, you will succeed!

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