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Understanding social styles has helped millions of people globally to:

  • Improve relationships
  • Understand work colleagues
  • Improve their sales
  • Become a beter parent
  • Understand their children’s social style
  • Create unity in families


Completing this assessment will help you to identify your PRIMARY and also your SECONDARY style. It will also help you to understand others.



This is a personality trait and behaviour assessment. Knowing your PRIMARY and SECONDARY social style will help you recognise how your own actions and behaviours come across to others, and how to adapt it. Each social style has a particular area of speciality.



What makes this social style assessment unique is that it provides insight regarding relevant neurotransmitters (released in the brain) that is suited to each style and how you can regulate these neurotransmitters for optimal performance. It provides a simple, direct and easy method for understanding and applying these concepts.


Two parts to this assessment (included in the price)

  1. Finding out your style
  2. Unlocking the detailed report

It is the number one interpersonal effectiveness assessment and course taught in the world!

** If you choose to make an EFT payment, the amount is R180 for both assessments. Please send us proof of payment to 


  • You will learn about your neurological make-up, how to stimulate neurotransmitters for optimal performance. You will identify your PRIMARY and SECONDARY style. Identify OTHERS' social style and find out your STRENGTHS and DEVELOPMENT areas as a parent, colleague and friend. You will be able to see a SNAPSHOT of other styles and learn how to deal with different styles in CONFLICT. Which styles you are COMPATIBLE with. How you want to be led and how to LEAD other styles. How to SELL successfully to the different styles.