Mental health is so much more than just thinking positively, keeping sane. Mental health is the emotional, psychological, and social well-being of your employees. 

Many factors have an impact on your employee’s mental health. At NIB we look at mental health through the lens of nested systems and causal chains. Looking at your life through nested systems and causal chains means you are viewing it from a biological, neurological, psychological, social, family and environmental perspective. When organisations understand how nested systems and causal chains work, they are able to foster an environment where their employees have capacity to be real, engage more and manage difficult situations easier. As a result the organisation benefits and as individuals start to flourish in particular areas (of their life), so will the organisation.  

In a time such as this, it more important than ever to look after the mental health of your organisation. This in itself is a consequence, the sum of the collective mental health of all the individuals who work for your organisation. Overthinking the future, worrying about job security, screen and meeting fatigue or getting stuck into bad habits, have a negative effect on the mental well-being of your employees.

Sticking to a routine, setting small goals, creating fun at work and exercise play a significant role in keeping the mental health of your employees in “good shape”. Now is the time to be innovative, think of new ways to run your business, your teams. Focus on the positive and don’t get stuck in the negative. 

Mind your mental health! 

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