‘Most valuable experience. The power of the brain dictating how we react was most informative. The practical activities of forgiveness, positive attributes and body mapping and letting “bubble” go. Indeed the power of the brain in dictating how we react was most informative.  Dr. P Lenaghan, Faculty of Law, UWC.


‘Awesome workshop. Mindfulness allows us to be in the present. What is happening now. To look at problem differently. Seeing colleagues as people with their on personalities, way of thinking and being able to put myself in their “shoes”. Give me a better understanding of what’s transpiring.’ E van Drier

‘What I enjoyed most was understanding of how the brain works. The 3-day workshop was brilliantly paced for good understanding on the matter. Mindfulness is a powerful tool to use to better deal with situations! Communication – work and personal. Brilliantly structured course. Execution was excellent.

You are dealing with difficult colleagues every day. It is always challenging. I am now more equipped with the information I received on how to be more mindful of myself and other people. Letting go of information that is not important if I don’t own it. I believe I will be more effective in the way I communicate with my colleagues by applying mindfulness. Awesome workshop. Thank you Charlene for an awesome workshop. And I wish you happiness and success always!

Short? But so powerful! A real life-changing experience. Real work situations where modelling and clarity provided with the tools discovered with this amazing programme. I think my workplace will most definitely benefit as I am better equipped to manage my own mind + reactions to stimuli. The process is mine:)

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