“Dr Charlene Heyns-Nell has impacted my life in ways that this review can never truly reflect, but I will do my best.   I obtained my PhD in Linguistics in 2012 and have had many opportunities to work with a diverse cohort of students and other professionals in my field. However, after a  year long bout with post-natal depression, my interest in how the brain works and how to change my mindset to one that was healthy and beneficial was all-consuming. Nothing I had studied up until this point had prepared me for the messiness of depression. Thankfully, my interest in stress management, goal-setting and the creation of  a healthy, happier and more fulfilled Self led me irrevocably to the field of neuroscience and coaching.  Before I met Dr Heyns-Nell, I was conducting very successful workshops focusing on mental health and emotional intelligence, however as an academic, I felt that the need to acquire the relevant qualifications was critical to better servicing my students and later private clients.   This desire led me to participate in Dr Heyns-Nell’s amazing joint course between the University of the Western Cape and the Neuroscience for Business Institute at the University of Cape Town.  Charlene is an amazing coach and mentor and because of her teachings I have had the most incredible breakthroughs from students and private clients. Charlene  has a unique gift in creating meaningful rapport quickly, whilst skillfully transferring technical language about the brain into an easily digestible form which is simple and easy to implement. I have no doubt that I will be able to uplift and change the lives of many more people because of this course.   Thank you Charlene, you are indeed an exceptional coach and mentor and I will always be grateful that our paths have crossed!” Dr A Peck


When I first heard about the Neuroscience in Coaching and Mentoring offered by the Neuroscience Institute for Business I thought it’s going to be another one of those workshops where one can hardly remember what it was about six months later. 

Well I was in for a pleasant surprise. The professionalism and focus with which Dr Charlene Heyns-Nell facilitated the programme was engaging and created an expectation of excitement. The knowledge and skills I gained during the workshop sessions and the one-on-one supervision sessions from her, was life changing. It helped me to make sense of my own thinking, understand why people act and react the way they do. The constant encouragement we all received to use coaching and mentoring every day helped me in the way that I managed my team and even in my personal life. This is definitely not a programme I will forget in six months. Something this life changing must be shared. I will encourage any and every one to invest in themselves by partnering with NIB.

Thank you Charlene for your guidance and support. It has changed my life and will continue a ripple effect of change. Laurence B Corner

“These skills will help me when dealing with employees from an employee relations perspective. It will also assist me in changing the dynamics within our department. My employer will have the benefit of having a coach and mentor that will assist them when needed. This course will assist me in my goal of helping others. It has opened up the possibility of this being a 2nd source of income. Dr. Charlene Nel is one of the best teachers/presenters I have had the pleasure of learning from.” Y Moollatjie

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