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Build GRIT, understand how to become more resilient and find out how mindfulness works.

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This is a virtual workshop. We use a neuroscientific approach in all our workshops. We have found that this approach is very effective during the learning process, and sets us apart from others. We take a minimum of 6 people, maximum 20 people per workshop. All participants must attend all allocated days.






20 reviews for RESILIENCE

  1. R W

    I enjoyed the open discussion in this workshop as it will strengthen own team and relationships between teams

  2. C I

    This workshop has helped with group discussions and feedback, identifying common concerns and ways to address them. Improved relationships.

  3. Annonymous

    I enjoyed the team spirit and content of the workshop. The benefit that I see is teamwork and communication in teams. It allows me to apply the items discussed. Problem/concerns raised applicable to complete structure.

  4. S E

    There is a culture issue which was reflected in the latest employee engagement culture. The leadership now have an action plan to address the culture issues and make this “a great place to work” again. What I enjoyed most was the meeting and interacting with the team.

  5. D H

    I enjoyed the people interacting, although more time could’ve been spent at the end of the action plan. It aligned all management on requirements.

  6. Annoymous

    I felt engaged at al times and enjoyed the openness and space given. We need to pace the changes to help all align.

  7. C DB

    Both my workplace and I will benefit from the open lines of communication that was established and clear understanding of concerns. I liked the open discussions .

  8. J

    Thanks. Subjects covered were 100% relevant to my workplace and all points were accurate. I believe my organisation and I will benefit from better team spirit between management which will make it better in everyone’s team. Knowing and recognising the issue is the first step, now let’s work on it. I enjoyed people being honest, trust and team spirit.

  9. S J

    Thank you. I enjoyed the interaction and participation from everyone. Nice to meet you Charlene. Good ideas to be implemented. More focus on interaction at all levels needed. The way we say & do things … to take note. Hectic schedule! Work did fall a bit behind…

  10. Annonymous

    Good mix between fun and workshop. Both myself and my organisation will benefit from the workshop in the actions defined, in the follow-up of the actions and the next sessions.

  11. Annonymous


  12. C B

    Fantastic 3 days!! I enjoyed the discussions and team building and felt engaged at all times.

  13. Annonymous

    Great facilitator! Great interaction amongst the team. Good combination of serious topics discussed and some good fun. Charlene had a good understanding of the company dynamics. Team felt comfortable to address concerning topics – action plans created. Also relevant in personal life scenarios.

  14. B K

    Keep up the good work. Questions and discussions kept me engaged. I enjoyed the interaction realising that your problems are not unique to you alone. To live the values of the organisation and to respect one another and to be aware of our gestures/actions towards our colleagues.

  15. Annonymous

    The workshop was absolutely perfect. All the frustrations were addressed. Workshop highlighted being aware of our actions. Respect. I enjoyed the activities and open discussion.

  16. V D

    We all have direct reports. Shopfloor and offices do not always have the same nature of concerns, so some topics have not been experienced by myself. I liked the openness and sharing. We will benefit from the concrete actions defined, and tips to apply.

  17. Annonymous

    All subjects were relevant to my work situation. I felt engaged at all times, but more free time to bond as team.

  18. Annonymous


  19. P L

    We all have the same concerns & agree to address them. Emotional health will become a priority. I enjoyed the team spirit.

  20. Annonymous

    I had fun! More focus should be on tools to improve – too much time on focus on problems.

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