“Keep up the good work. What I enjoyed most was the interaction and realising that your problems are not unique to you alone.” CFO, Faurecia 

Great interaction amongst the team. Good combination of serious topics discussed and some good fun. I felt engaged at all times! Charlene had a good understanding of the company dynamics. The team felt comfortable to address concerning topics – action plans created. Also relevant in personal life scenarios. Great facilitator!

As a result of this workshop my emotional health will become a priority. I enjoyed the team spirit the most!

I enjoyed the people being open, trust and team spirit. My company will benefit because of the team spirit between management which will make it better for everyone’s team. Knowing and recognising the issue is the first step. Now let’s work on it! Thanks! J. Cochin, Purcashing Commodity Manager, Faurecia

What I enjoyed the most was the open discussion. What myself and my company will benefit most? How we strengthened our own team and also the relationship between other teams. R. Wistuba, Chief Engineer, Faurecia

The interaction and participation from everyone – I enjoyed that the most! There is more focus, on all levels which was needed. The way we say and do – to take note. Thank you! I enjoyed it. Nice to meet you Charlene! S. Jacobs, Senior Financial Manager, Faurecia

Enjoyed the discussions and team building. Fantastic 3 days! C. Beary Deputy Director Operations, Faurecia

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