The application of neuroscience within teams offers a new way of connecting and collaborating. Teams become more creative and more effective. We offer a variety of workshops, each one carefully designed to suit your specific need. Over the years of delivering workshops for clients, we have found that these workshops are the most current and effective. Do check in here regularly to see updates and more exciting workshops!


  • Understand how the brain works by exploring how neurotransmitters, different parts of the brain and component bands work
  • Learn how to increase alpha levels to be more present, boost resilience, lower anxiety levels
  • Increase self awareness and awareness of others by knowing how to regulate thinking and emotional states
  • Accelerate transformations in culture by connecting employees to the deepest levels of self-awareness
  • Create insight into the drivers of motivation that allow for deeper, faster change, yet sustainable transformation
  • Empower your managers and leaders with effective development activities and strategies for better organisational alignment

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