The heartbeat of your organisation is your employees. Without them you do not have an organisation. The heartbeat off your organisation is your clients. Without your clients you also do not have an organisation. The heartbeat of your organisation is your products that match your clients’ requirements. And without that you don’t have an organisation. The heartbeat of your organisation is your employees who diligently ensure that your products match your clients needs.

The heartbeat is the connection, the link, the causal effect between the these three, and making this work. 

We did the research back in 2015 with UCT, Neuroscience Institute, with young executives under 40. As part of the study, we wanted to know if the heartbeat of organisations, who put employees first, then customers and then profits, will improve? The results showed us that it did. Now there is a much greater understanding and practical application that organisations are more profitable when they  put employees first, then clients, then profits. By maximizing human potential, individually and collectively,  the heartbeat of the organisation pumps faster. 

 Keeping the heartbeat of your company means looking after your employees and ensuring the right product matches your client’s needs. It is simple. 

Keep the heart beating of your organisation.

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