We are facing uncertain times now with the outbreak of a pandemic and it will also not be the last time we face it. It really depends on how you deal with it. 


What is uncertainty?


Uncertainty is a lack of conviction/certainty. In the same category (as uncertainty) is doubt, doubtfulness, mistrust, question, skepticism, suspicion, and wonder. We are unsure of what will happen next.


How does uncertainty affect your mind?


Below is a picture of different brain maps.



Being held in the space of uncertainty for pro-longed periods of time, leads to anxiousness. Anxiousness is closely related to depression, and many times considered the antecedent of depression (in other words anxiousness leads to depression). You will see that a significant part of the brain shows up in red (especially the prefrontal cortex where a lot of thinking/worrying? takes place). The normalised brain function is to the far left (shades of green).


What are our resources to master it?  


Mastering uncertainty can be easy or difficult. If you are a natural worrier, it can be a bit more difficulty for you as opposed to someone who does not worry easily. Here’s how to master it:


    1. Understand that everything is going to work out the way it should (write it down if you need a reminder)
    2. Set some goals (spirit, mind and body) and try and stick to them as much as you can
    • spirit: spend some time with God (He is your Creator)
    • mind: think positively
    • body: get into a routine of exercising every day, drink lots of water and eat healthy food

Minimise uncertainty through following these simple steps. See this time as an opportunity to change some undesired behaviours that you might have developed over the years.

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