Strategists see what others don’t see. Needless to say, strategist think strategically. Strategic thinking is a skill that anyone can learn – if they wanted to.

In collaboration with the Neuroscience Institute at the University of Cape Town (UCT), we tested strategic decision-making with young executives. From corporates to entrepreneurs.  We wanted to know if strategic leadership coaching (SLC) can really alter the brain of individuals who were asked to think strategically about their organisations. So together we planned and strategised, moving departments around on a white board, trying to figure out what fit would work best for each executive.

We then measured each executives brain activity through EEG to see if alpha band activity would really increase through this exercise. And it did. The results were promising! After just eight strategic leadership sessions (each session 1 hour in duration), their strategic ability improved significantly and their alpha band activity increased.     

Organisations who are strategic now, will be A LOT MORE profitable than those who are planning only for today.

Are you a strategic thinker? If so, what is your strategy for the future? And do you use strategic leadership coaching in your organisation or do you see coaching overall as feel-good moments?

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