Through EEG (electroencephalogram) we detect wave patterns in different parts of the brain. The brainmap shows us where to train whether it is for stress, anxiety, burnout or ADD.


What is a brain map?

A brain map is a visual representation that provides valuable data explaining specific behaviour patterns.  It allows us to better target the most beneficial treatment protocols, and often allows more rapid and smooth results from neurofeedback training. This is not an online application.

How does it work?

Using a cap placed on the scalp, our software captures the electrical impulses in the brain. This method is known as an electroencephalogram (EEG). The results show brain wave patterns in different parts of the brain. The process takes about 15-30 minutes, and the data is then converted into a visual brain map report.

Why should I do a brain map?

If you would like to do peak performance training or if you are stressed, can’t focus or feeling anxious a brain map is an ideal starting point. Brain maps are NOT used in training the brain. It identifies areas that should be trained.


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