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A non-invasive process that utilises information about your brain waves to facilitate better mental performance, mental health, and overall well-being.




4 reviews for NEUROFEEDBACK

  1. Elizabeth Human

    Neurofeedback changed my life. It changed how i look at life and how i deal with issues in my life. I give it a 10/10 and highly recommend it.

  2. NIB online

    I was recently introduced to Neurofeedback by Dr Charlene Nel, who is currently treating our 15 year old grandson who was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and on Ritalin for 4 years. School was a nightmare, he was unable to concentrate, bullied, called names and numerous phone calls and disciplinaries at school, even repeated Grade 7. After watching his life change from a happy boy to a difficult child, we started looking for alternatives to help him, from sports to music with no change. We were desperate for help and would grab any and every opportunity from, psychiatry to psychologists, until we came across Dr Charlene Nels’ webpage.
    After just 4 sessions we have seen significant improvement in his ability to focus, attitude change from an angry teenager to a loving young boy, relaxed, from not completing tasks to completing them. This treatment is mind-blowing.
    Her professionalism and confidentiality is to be admired. She is an absolute darling and the feedback and hope she given us as a family is just phenomenal.
    I would highly recommend you contact Dr Charlene Nel, not only has she helped our grandson but our entire family.
    She is an absolute angel in the true sense of the word. V.L

  3. DuToit

    Neurofeedback really helped me to regain control of my life. After falling into depression I found myself at times contemplating wheather I would ever get out of this situation and be my “old self” again. It is something that is hard to explain to someone. I was refured to Dr. Charlene and I have to say it has really changed my life. I feel happiness again after almost 2 years. Dr. Charlene is fantastic and an awesome persone. She explaied the entire process of neurofeedback and how it works, and the weekly sessions were great. I could feel a change week by week. Today I am back to being my “old self” thanks to Dr. Charlene, and it is wonderful.

  4. Yogitha Sathyanandam

    Our daughter has recently been diagnosed by a psychologist as having a mild intellectual impairment. We were told that there is no remedy for this disability and my daughter would not cope in a conventional school, she needs to attend a ” special school”.
    We were really disappointed and didn’t have many options until we were introduced to Neurofeedback by Dr. Charlene Nel. Dr. Charlene, not only did the brain training but she also prayed with my daughter. She encouraged her to be more positive about herself and really helped her to build her self-esteem. She helped us as a family to be more sensitive and understanding towards such situations.
    After completing the training sessions, we noticed that there was a significant improvement in her maturity as well as her academic results. We have not changed her school and we know that she will go from good to great.
    Thank you Dr. Charlene for introducing us to Neurofeedback. It is such a relief to know that there is treatment that is non evasive and drug free.
    I would highly recommend Dr. Charlene and Neurofeedback. It has made a tremendous difference to our lives.

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