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Focused on creating deeper self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation and social awareness.

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This is a virtual workshop. We use a neuroscientific approach in all our workshops. We have found that this approach is very effective during the learning process, and sets us apart from others. We take a minimum of 6 people, maximum 20 people per workshop. All participants must attend all allocated days.






  1. D N

    Great job and thank you! Enjoyed the interaction and that has proven to be of value. I am in a better knowledge space now than I was before the training. The subjects covered are so relevant to my workplace.

  2. S A

    An excellent programme. The course makes me understand the different attitudes that I am working with everyday. The benefit is good and the end results will be excellent if it put to the test. I enjoyed the atmosphere, engagement of others and the communication was clear. Its relevance to the workplace is the intervention with employees, my attitude and work ethics.

  3. N K

    I was able to relate and engage. This programme will benefit me.

  4. B J

    Dynamic, introspective and life changing!!!I feel empowered to make the changes I identified during the training. I will listen better, flex my style when I need to, face challenges knowing that I am well equipped. The positive interaction, and the safe space contributed to having personal experiences. Thank you for allowing us to wander off topic sometimes, the sharing was therapeutic. The course helped to identify my weaknesses and gave me tools and techniques to address them.

  5. R V

    We were able to share our challenges without reservations and possible areas of development were suggested. Lots of recommendations, suggestions were made in line with course outcome. Building on how to be emotionally smart and aware of situations, people and surroundings and how to react to each matter with uniqueness. STOP-REFLECT-ASSESS-GO

  6. M L

    I enjoyed the sharing and what was most relevant to my situation at work was the people engagement. If you want to improve the organisation, you have to improve yourself and the organisation gets pulled up with you.


  7. M S

    I got to know my colleagues better and to hear about their challenges they are facing in their respective workplace. Through this course I would be able to control my emotions by exercising EI.

  8. H M

    Both my place of work and I will benefit vastly from this course because it was so relevant. I enjoyed the engagement with my colleagues to a subject matter/question posed by the group member or lecturer. I just love the engagement as they provide insight to stuff I did not ponder. The relevance of this is course is in our dealing with people with different approaches and attitudes.

  9. F S

    My dormant intelligence were given a wake up call. I enjoyed the different personality types the most and teaching an old dog different tricks in making a success of issues and approaching it with a different approach. Working with four different personalities, I will now know how to handle them as I will be equipped with the knowledge that will be perfected with practice. I will handle people/employees situations with techniques taught in the EI course.

  10. C J

    I work with difficult and disruptive people. I want to be part of the solution. This workshop was absolutely relevant to my situation at work. I used to be obsessed with being right and aggressive when engaging with people, but now I approach things differently. What I enjoyed ,most was the interaction with the presenter.

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